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Guided Training for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers may be anxious about their ability to maintain order and instructional consistency in the classroom. Training is key to relieving this anxiety because it provides substitute teachers with the skills necessary for positive teaching experiences. provides a comprehensive training system created just for substitute teachers. It consists of six basic components:

  • Registration

    If you have not already done so, substitute teachers should create an account at It's free and gives them free access to the best resources for substitute teacher training.

  • Have an Access Code?

    If you received an access code from your school district, enter it here:

  • SubSkills Online Training

    STEDI Course is the new online training system created specifically with courses and content for substitute teachers. All courses offered provide highly interactive training with principles and strategies outlined in text, audio, and video.

  • SubAssessment

    Throughout the SubSkills training offered through STEDI Course you will be directed to the SubAssessment (now part of the STEDI Assessment system): an online assessment to help determine which skills and strategies a substitute teacher understands or needs further training.

  • Substitute Teacher Handbook's Substitute Teacher Handbook is an excellent resource for substitute teachers to have hands-on access to core principles of behovior management in the classroom.

  • SubEvaluation - Monthly Review of Successful Habits

    Substitute teachers are encouraged to take the SubEvaluation at least monthly. This self-evaluation tool measures a substitute teacher's effectiveness and performance in the classroom. It points out individual strengths and weaknesses, and directs a substitute teacher to the appropriate resources to become more proficient in those areas that may be lacking.

  • Advanced Online Training Courses

    After your first year of substitute teaching, the Advanced Classroom Management and Teaching Strategies online courses, offered through the STEDI Course online training system, provides more advanced training to assist you in the classroom.